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Meteor Shower Rose Seeds

Meteor Shower Rose Seeds

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Enjoy a spectacular display of colorful blooms with Meteor Shower Rose Seeds. These easy-to-grow bonsai plants are perfect for outdoor gardening in subtropical climates. The blooming period of these plants is in summer, and they are very easy to cultivate, even for beginners.


  • Easy to grow Meteor Shower Rose Seeds
  • Suitable for outdoor gardening in subtropical climates
  • The full-bloom period in summers
  • Ideal for creating a mesmerizing display of colors
  • Each pack contains 100 seeds
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  • Species and varieties: The Meteor Shower Rose is a variety of the Rosa genus, specifically bred for its vibrant, multicolored blooms. It is a part of the Floribunda Rose family, known for their clusters of flowers.
  • Hybrid or heirloom: Meteor Shower Rose is a hybrid variety, bred for its disease resistance and unique coloration. It is not an heirloom variety.
  • Pruning and training: Pruning should be done in early spring, removing dead or damaged wood and thinning out the center to improve air circulation. Training is not typically necessary for this bushy, self-shaping variety.
  • Fertilization needs: Fertilize with a balanced rose food in early spring, just before new growth begins, and again in mid-summer. Avoid heavy feeding in late summer, as this can promote disease.
  • Hardiness zones: Meteor Shower Rose seeds are suitable for USDA hardiness zones 5-9. They are resilient and can tolerate a range of climates.
  • Climate requirements: These roses prefer full sun and well-drained soil. They can tolerate some shade but bloom best with at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.