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Green Shade Squash Seeds

Green Shade Squash Seeds

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Looking to add some variety to your home garden or vegetable patch? Consider Green Shade Squash Seeds. Here's what you can expect from this product:

  • Pack of 20 seeds
  • Germination time of 7-10 days
  • Green Shade Squash is a tasty and versatile variety, perfect for a range of recipes
  • Seeds are easy to plant and care for, making them a great option for novice gardeners
  • Squash plants are known for their hardiness and adaptability, making them a reliable addition to any garden

Add some Green Shade Squash Seeds to your next gardening project and enjoy the delicious results!

    Planting Instructions:
    Plant summer squash seeds 8 inches apart, poking them into the soil 1 inch deep; water well. Thin seedlings 3 feet apart. (If using transplants, set them out 3 feet apart.) To prevent insect damage, install protective row covers over your squash as soon as you're done planting.
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