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Golden Cauliflower Seeds

Golden Cauliflower Seeds

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Golden Cauliflower Seeds is a new variety of vegetables that are disease-resistant and strong with a wide adaptation. These fast-growing seeds produce cauliflowers with curd correct, gold color, and good marketability. With other techniques, you can also improve your cauliflower cultivation. Planting 2500 acres in low density allows each curd to accept light colors. Grow your own vegetables with these Golden Cauliflower Seeds.

Features the latest foreign-bred new varieties of golden cauliflower vegetable specialties, flowers ball color is attractive golden yellow. The single ball weighs 700, has curd formation, high round, and plants carried out of the middle, 70-80 days after transplanting mature. Poke flower ball inside the ball leaves with color deepened. Color attractive, fresh taste, other colors can make cauliflower salad edible, can help increase appetite. Western-style restaurant and luxury hotel consumption to dilute dishes.

Features new varieties of vegetables, leaf length, fast-growing, disease-resistant, and strong, wide adaptation. Curd correct, gold color, good marketability. Other cultivation techniques with cauliflower cultivation. Cabbage harvest period and to adapt to the temperature 15-18 °. Planting 2500 acres, not high density, so that each of the curds can accept light colors. Late cabbage leaves poke inside the curd will curd color deepened.
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