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Carnival Squash Seeds

Carnival Squash Seeds

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Get ready to grow your own subtle and vibrant blooming plants with Carnival Squash Seeds! This exciting opportunity allows you to experience the beauty of Carnival Squash in your own garden.

Highlights of this product include:

  • Full-bloom Period in the summer, showcasing beautiful flowers and foliage.
  • Blooming Plants type, perfect for plant enthusiasts who love flowers.
  • Very easy to cultivate, making it suitable for all gardening skill levels.
  • Annual style plant, providing seasonal color and variety to your outdoor garden.
  • Thrives in temperate climates, making it suitable for a wide range of regions.
  • Bonsai variety, allowing for creative and artistic pruning and shaping.
  • Flowerpot is not included, giving you the flexibility to choose your own style and design.
  • Each packet includes 50 seeds.
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