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Carnation Flower Seeds

Carnation Flower Seeds

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Carnation Flower Seeds are specifically designed for growing carnations, a popular flower known for its beautiful and colorful blooms. These seeds are suitable for outdoor gardens or containers, making them a versatile option for various gardening setups.


  • Product Type: Carnation Flower, specifically designed for growing carnations.
  • Use: Outdoor Plants, suitable for outdoor gardens or containers.
  • Full-bloom Period: Summer, producing blooms during the summer season.
  • Type: Blooming Plants, known for their beautiful and colorful flowers.
  • Flowerpot: Excluded, flowerpot not included in the pack.
  • Variety: Carnation, a popular flower with a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Climate: Temperate, suitable for regions with moderate temperatures.
  • Style: Perennial, returning year after year for continuous blooms.
  • This pack contains 50 seeds.
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