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Bright Cosmic Flower Seeds

Bright Cosmic Flower Seeds

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These seeds produce bottle gourds with a sweet taste and yellow color when ripe, adding a touch of elegance to your bonsai collection. The gourds have a unique bottle-like shape that can be sculpted and pruned to create stunning bonsai specimens. With proper care and training, bottle gourds can be grown in a variety of bonsai styles, such as cascade, windswept, or formal upright.


  • Product Type: Bonsai
  • Use: Outdoor Plants
  • Type: Blooming Plants
  • Full-bloom Period: Autumn
  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
  • Climate: Subtropics
  • Variety: Flower
  • Flowerpot: Excluded
  • Each pack contains 100 seeds.
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